04/10/2015 11:49am

Had the cabbage rolls, they were awesome. The peanut butter pie is the best around.

11/30/2017 6:47pm

Well, I haven't been in your restaurant that is why I cannot put some comments about your food. But I am hoping that you will get positive reviews as we go along. You'll get good reviews if you will prepare these food the right way, I assure you. By the way, I appreciate the fact that you are collecting reviews from your customers. This is a good thing because that means you honor the words of other people!

Davis Family
04/12/2015 1:51pm

Stopped in to a packed house, food was awesome and the staff are friendly, felt like I was at a family dinner

Howard Family
04/20/2015 9:31am

Had to check it out- heard numerous times about this place since the new owners took over. We had the daily special and devoured the best peanut butter / chocolate pie ever, watching the sunset thought the window. Great food, good prices and very friendly staff, definitely will be back , since I also have heard the fish is the best around. See you soon Lil Bit :)

Jackson Family
09/09/2015 8:03am

Glad to see all the changes for the better, food as good as it's been in long time, keep up the good work

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